Donate a Port Clyde Fresh Catch CSF

Port Clyde Fresh Catch is all about community and what better way to celebrate community than to donate to those less fortunate and less able than ourselves!
You can Donate a CSF!

We are committed to improving all aspects of our community and that is why we have elected to start a bi-weekly donation to our local Meals on Wheels program in Rockland, Maine.    Port Clyde Fresh Catch has committed to a bi-weekly donation of 20lbs of product to this program and we would like to do more, but we need your help!

We’d love to be able to donate every week! Make a donation to the cause and help PCFC afford to increase it’s deliveries.  If you’re interested in making a donation or would like to learn more information about Port Clyde Fresh Catch and helping Meals on Wheels, you can use the donation button below, contact us at (207) 372-1055 or use our contact form!