Fresh Fish

Our fish are what are known as Groundfish. This is because the fishermen target fish that live near the bottom or ” ground” under the ocean.

This fishery has been heavily regulated for many years due to over fishing in the past. The fishery is now controlled by a quota system and fishermen are only allowed to remove a small portion of the fishery biomass in order to grow the stocks to healthy levels. The quotas are what make this fishery sustainable today.

Maine Fish Descriptions

There is little groundfish activity in the winter due to bad weather. Most of the groundfishing activity in Maine starts in the spring and runs through late fall. There are occasional fishing trips by the fishermen during the winter.

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Shipping  Zone Map
Ground transport shipping rates
orders must be 10, 15, 20# sizes
Yellow zone arrives next day
Brown zone arrives second day

Shipping cost
For areas in the yellow or brown zones
Includes Packaging

Order size, 10#=25.27 15#=26.60 20#=27.60

For orders larger than 20# or
outside of the brown or yellow zones please
call 207-372-1055