Jonah Crab Meat

|Port Clyde Fresh Catch is a Maine Fishermen’s Cooperative|

Maine Rock Crabs and Jonah Crabs are harvested by lobster fishermen and groundfish fishermen. Crabs are not a directly targeted fishery but selling the crabs that are in the traps or nets along with the fish or lobster provides added income for the fishermen. Bad weather during the colder months will limit availability at times.

All of our crabmeat is hand picked here at Port Clyde Fresh Catch. Hand picking is hard work but results in a very high quality crabmeat.

Occasionally we will have locally caught Snow Crab and Queen Crab. Each different species has a unique taste.

Rock Crab is available year round, Snow Crab and Queen Crab are seasonal and not always available.

Weight:  8oz, 16oz

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